Build Me Something Romantic

Stop stressing and relax. You’re going to be a fine mother. :D

— 1 year ago

Break a leg sweet cheeks.

— 1 year ago
I was meant to die today.

How did I mess that up?

— 1 year ago
some days…

Are harder to take.
Some days you can’t help it.
Catch a glance in a mirror and just be disgusted.
“Why so sad,” they ask.
I wish I knew.
I really wish I knew…

— 1 year ago


Yes I’m still alive.

I’m glad you are still alive.

— 1 year ago with 4 notes
#i wish i wasn't 
I want sleep

I just want to sleep for an entire week.
Not because I’m tired but because when I’m asleep I can be alone. I won’t disappoint. I will be free.

— 1 year ago
I want to be someone you remember with a smile.

Not someone you forget with fervor.

Too bad I don’t have control of that.

— 1 year ago
I am not good enough.

And I will never be worth the trouble. Love doesn’t mean a thing to me when I have only ever heard it as a lie. I don’t want to feel this way anymore.

— 1 year ago